The Parker Dam, The Deepest Dam in the World!

Did you know that America not only has the tallest dam in the world but also the deepest dam? The wild part is these dams are actually only 155 miles apart from each other! Most people only know about the tallest dam in the world (Hoover Dam) that straddles the Nevada/Arizona Border. It has wonderful views and tours you can take to learn all about the DAM process (no pun intended…no…definitely intended). Though the Parker Dam may not have tours you can still walk along side the dam safely to check out the amazing architecture of its creation. You will notice below that on the Lake Havasu side the water is much higher then the Parker side of the dam.

Parker Dam Worlds Deepest Damn
View looking from the Lake Havasu Side

Deepest Dam

I feel that the Parker Dam just doesn’t get as much love as it deserves because you don’t SEE what is under the water. I might also feel this way because the Parker Dam is in my hometown! The crazy part is 73% of the dam is under water. The Parker Dam borders the Arizona/California state lines, who are separated by the Colorado River. They started construction on the dam back in 1934 and was built in nearly 4 years ending in 1938! The workers excavated 235 ft into the Colorado riverbed to start the foundation of the dam, which makes it the deepest dam in the world. It was built to help maintain the riotous Colorado River with diversion and storage of water.

When Planking was cool…view from the Parker side

Uses of the Dam

The Parker Dam along with its sister dams (Hoover and Davis) is all a part of making hydroelectric energy for cities. These cities include: Henderson, NV to the North, Blyth CA to the west and extended into Tucson to the East. The Parker Dam supplies water not just to the communities around it. The dam is also sending water all the way into Southern California up to Los Angeles. This process is all a part of the Colorado River aqueduct and the Central Arizona Project. It provides a very vital role to the agriculture communities that is surrounded by the Colorado River. This dam has been able to help with flooding and control of water all while giving a great habitat for fish and other wildlife. Learn more about the Parker Dam

Skiing on the Parker Side


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    LMAO! You planking! I’ve never been to the Parker Dam, even though I’ve lived in Tucson for most of my life! I might have to add this to my summer bucket list.

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