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    The Singing Chiropractor: Donny Van Slee

    There are many singing acts here in Music City from all walks of life. Dr. Don has a new single out he just released about his experience in Music City called "In the Bucket with All the Stickers on It." I asked Dr. Don to share his story with us! Please check it out below!

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    How I Moved Across The Country!

    Have you ever felt that you just belong somewhere without even have done it, seen it or lived it? I have had those feelings for most of my life growing up. Something about Tennessee and the south always touched me, like I belonged there. My parents have never taken me to Tennessee or the south but there was something about the area that I was drawn too. Moving across the country was the best thing I ever did!   Twenty Eleven I was fortunate enough to take a cross country trip In 2011 with my dear friend Jeanine. In that trip we drove from Loredo,TX to Long Island, NY. That…

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    Tornado Relief

    Unfortunately December 10th brought in many tornados hitting multiple states. Instead of Donating ANYTHING to the American Red Cross I highly suggest finding some of the more local organizations that truly help the people in the area. Furthermore I say this due to my personal experience with American Red Cross that I will be publishing next month. Below are many Tornado Relief organizations to choose from. DONATE TO THESE LOCAL ORGANIZATIONS Kentucky Tornado Relief Team Western Kentucky Relief Fund Kentucky Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster CARE Global Empowerment Mission Global Giving Mayfield Graves County Tornado Relief Salvation Army of Western Kentucky United Way of West Tennessee United Way of Kentucky…