How I Moved Across The Country!

Have you ever felt that you just belong somewhere without even have done it, seen it or lived it? I have had those feelings for most of my life growing up. Something about Tennessee and the south always touched me, like I belonged there. My parents have never taken me to Tennessee or the south but there was something about the area that I was drawn too. Moving across the country was the best thing I ever did!  

Twenty Eleven

I was fortunate enough to take a cross country trip In 2011 with my dear friend Jeanine. In that trip we drove from Loredo,TX to Long Island, NY. That trip gave me the opportunity to see the south that I had always been fascinated about. When we drove through and stayed a few days throughout the south I just knew it was for me. Mild Seasons compared to the little to no seasons in Arizona and it had all the outdoor things I enjoy. I loved seeing all the mountains and knowing you could be in the woods within minutes but also get to enjoy all water festivities with all the lakes and rivers. 

At the time I was a junior in college and in a long term relationship so  I knew I had somethings to worry about first. After graduating college I continued my long term relationship and was able to start my career in broadcast. Tennessee seemed like a distant dream. After 5 years the relationship did not turn out how we thought it would,  and we grew apart. I knew that was my opportunity to do what I wanted to do for MYSELF. 

Making Moves

I moved in with two roommates while I got my life figured out for my big move. I had no idea what or how I was going to make this transition. After 8 months of rearranging my life, saving money and determined to find a job,  the dream of moving to Tennessee was becoming more real

After applying and interviewing for many jobs in Tennessee. I was fortunate enough to transfer within my company to our sister stations in Knoxville. When they said we would love to hire you I agreed to start in two weeks. I literally got off the phone and realized in two weeks I would be In a totally different part of the United States. I immediately started looking for places to live, where in the city was safe, what can I afford? Do I get a U-Haul or do I just pack my car?

Moving Across The Country

The conclusion was to just pack up my car with whatever could fit in it. It would be the most cost effective and I could start over NEW. My dear friend Jeanine who I went on the cross country trip 7 years prior landed in Tucson the night before. We were off the next morning at 4am to start my new chapter.

Unfortunately this trip had to be quick. I had to be at work that next Monday and it was a Thursday. We drove through the night got a few hours of sleep at a friends in Little Rock before we hit the road again early that next morning. 

Arriving in Knoxville that evening.  My place of work put me up in a hotel for a week. I still had nowhere to live so I ended up having to stay with some new co workers until thankfully they helped me find a place! 



The welcome I got moving to Knoxville was another reason why It felt like it was meant to be. Things just fell into place, it reminded me that I had made the right decision. One of my coworkers knew a friend who was looking to sublease his apartment.  Ended up meeting up with him and it was a fully furnished apartment. When he turned to me and said “well I can take all the furniture with me or we can make a payment plan for you to buy it all from me.”  The furniture was brand new it looked like a show room apartment that no one lived in. I made a deal with him and that night I was in my own room of my new apartment in my new city!

If I didn’t make this gigantic leap of moving to my dream state then I would have always just asked myself what could have been? I just want everyone to know that if you can and I know you can because I did. Make that move! Take that job! Fulfill that dream! If you want to live in a different state do it, different country do it! Follow your dreams and do what YOU want to do! It’s okay to be selfish when it benefits you doing greater things for your life! You only have ONE life so don’t just waste it with regrets or asking yourself “What if..” Your home town, state, or country will always be there if it ends up not working out. 

In the end, I am writing this knowing that the new year is approaching. As a result, I know many people choose weightloss for their “new year new me.” We forget that the New Years Resolutions are goals for any part of your life. This includes possibly finding yourself a new environment . It’s about finding the place where you belong!

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