• Virginia Creeper Trail

    Virginia Creeper Trail

    Imagine whipping through the peacefulness of dense woodlands on an old railway route that since turned into a peaceful bike trail. The Virginia Creeper trail is a very calming and inviting place to get outdoors for all ages! My mom and I discovered this little gem of a trail my first year here in Tennessee and now it’s our traditional getaway weekend when she comes to visit every September. My dad and boyfriend have since joined in on this yearly adventure! It is a perfect way for all of us to enjoy an outdoor activity since my dad was in a serious car accident a few years back and has…

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    The Parker Dam, The Deepest Dam in the World!

    Did you know that America not only has the tallest dam in the world but also the deepest dam? The wild part is these dams are actually only 155 miles apart from each other! Most people only know about the tallest dam in the world (Hoover Dam) that straddles the Nevada/Arizona Border. It has wonderful views and tours you can take to learn all about the DAM process (no pun intended…no…definitely intended). Though the Parker Dam may not have tours you can still walk along side the dam safely to check out the amazing architecture of its creation. You will notice below that on the Lake Havasu side the water…