• Food

    How To Make Pickles!!!

    With these simple instructions, you will be making your own rendition in no time! Pickles are my favorite, & I finally got the courage to start making them myself!! I wish I started sooner!  Since I’ve been making pickles all summer long and I’ve had many people request what the recipe is & how I’m doing it. So let’s get into it. I make refrigerated pickles which I think is the easiest in my opinion. Before we get into it, this is focused on one jar. Basically if you’re making more than one jar of pickles, then just double the recipe. Also I don’t technically go by a recipe, I…

  • Virginia Creeper Trail

    Virginia Creeper Trail

    Imagine whipping through the peacefulness of dense woodlands on an old railway route that since turned into a peaceful bike trail. The Virginia Creeper trail is a very calming and inviting place to get outdoors for all ages! My mom and I discovered this little gem of a trail my first year here in Tennessee and now it’s our traditional getaway weekend when she comes to visit every September. My dad and boyfriend have since joined in on this yearly adventure! It is a perfect way for all of us to enjoy an outdoor activity since my dad was in a serious car accident a few years back and has…

  • The Singing Chiropractor

    The Singing Chiropractor: Donny Van Slee

    There are many singing acts here in Music City from all walks of life. Dr. Don has a new single out he just released about his experience in Music City called "In the Bucket with All the Stickers on It." I asked Dr. Don to share his story with us! Please check it out below!

  • Life

    Nightmare On Laurel Ave

    Around 5:30am on January 8, 2020, I and about 95 other people had to live through a real life nightmare. Experiencing any kind of structure fire is something no one ever wants to face nor deal with. The aftermath is probably the hardest, because of the realization of what you had just experienced. You are supposed to receive help from the local Red Cross and that is not what we received. 5:33am I woke up to the terrible sound of an alarm that wasn’t your normal fire alarm in your house, it was so loud and obnoxious. When you get woken up out of a dead slumber you first try…

  • Life

    How I Moved Across The Country!

    Have you ever felt that you just belong somewhere without even have done it, seen it or lived it? I have had those feelings for most of my life growing up. Something about Tennessee and the south always touched me, like I belonged there. My parents have never taken me to Tennessee or the south but there was something about the area that I was drawn too. Moving across the country was the best thing I ever did!   Twenty Eleven I was fortunate enough to take a cross country trip In 2011 with my dear friend Jeanine. In that trip we drove from Loredo,TX to Long Island, NY. That…